ENERGY STUDIO(エナジースタジオ)は2023年8月にTakumi Gessho a.k.a. TATAによって設立された、東京発のインディペンデントブランドです。
 ENERGY STUDIOではデザイナーのTATAが幼少期から現在まで夢中になっているDIYカルチャーや国内外のストリートカルチャーの影響に加えて、個人的な体験から着想されたユニークなデザインによるプレゼンテーションを通し、人々に前向きなエナジーを届けることを目標としています。

ENERGY STUDIO is an independent Tokyo-based brand founded by Takumi Gessho a.k.a. TATA in August 2023.
 The brand, which was launched after many projects as a designer, uses graphic design as its main approach to reconstruct the mysterious energies of people, animals, plants, and technology through its products.
 ENERGY STUDIO aims to bring positive energy to people through unique design presentations inspired by personal experiences as well as the influence of DIY culture and domestic and international street culture, which has been TATA's passion from childhood to the present. ENERGY STUDIO's goal is to bring positive energy to people through the presentation of unique designs inspired by personal experiences.